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Deluxe 503 Series Mounting Mold - Mounting Mold for Italian Snap Button Models KLP00503CDLX

Deluxe 503 Series Mounting Mold - Mounting Mold for Italian Snap Button Models KLP00503CDLX

In order to complete the products you design as you imagine, you can easily use the deluxe 503C snap button fastening mold (assembly mold) in mass production, small-scale works or for hobby purposes and assemble it as you wish.

Package Included

  • 2 top mold.
  • 2 bottom mold.
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16.30 USD
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  • Model: KLP00503CDLX
MaterialMade of iron
Usage Area
Most Frequently Used AreaDeluxe 503C series snap buttons are frequently used to fasten lighters. When ordering the product, specify which product (product code) in the order section.

Deluxe 503 Series Mounting Mold - For Italian Snap Button Models

Specially designed to facilitate the assembly of Italian snap button models, the Deluxe 503 Series Mounting Mold provides professional and reliable application. This mold enables quick and precise mounting of snap buttons, thus speeding up your production process while enhancing quality.

Product Features:

  • Manufactured specifically in metric size 8, and can also be provided in metric size 6 according to requirements.
  • Ensures easy and reliable mounting of Italian snap buttons.
  • Made from durable material, offering long-lasting use.
  • Suitable for efficient use in professional production environments.


  • Quick Assembly: The Deluxe 503 Series Mounting Mold enables snap buttons to be mounted quickly and smoothly, increasing your production efficiency.
  • Precise Application: Guarantees consistency and precision with each use, ensuring product quality.
  • Durable Design: Constructed from durable material, the mold is designed to withstand long-term and intensive use.

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