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Brass Snap Fasteners- Top Quality, Affordable Price - Branded Production

This is a product description of 10 mm 16 L 3/8" Sew-On Snap Button Brass Stainless . The snap button is made of high-quality brass and stainless steel, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The snap button is designed with four holes, which makes it easy to attach to any fabric or mate..
0.04 USD/pcs
Sewing Snap Button 12 mm 20L / 15/32" Brass Stainless  ERD120PR4 - ERD120PR4 - Sewing Snap Fasteners..
0.06 USD/pcs
These snap buttons are functional accessories made of brass material, resistant to rust, used in shirts, bodysuits, wallets, bags, baby and children's products. They can be applied on hand presses, lever machines or motorized machines with special fastening molds. They are sold in sets of 500 pi..
0.06 USD/pcs
Brass 7 mm 10L / 9/32" VT2 snap is a type of snap that is frequently used in textile products. Since it is made of brass material, it is resistant to rust. It is 7 mm in diameter and is packaged in 100 pieces.Product features:It is made of brass material. It is resistant to ru..
0.06 USD/pcs
Made from brass, this 8 mm 12L / 5/16" snap button is the perfect addition to any textile item. It offers long-lasting use with its quality structure. It is a preferred product due to its easy installation and durability.Product features: Material: Brass Diameter: 8mm ..
0.07 USD/pcs
This product is called 9mm 9 mm 14L / 23/64" brass snap button VT2 snap fastener ERC00PR09. These snap buttons are used to fasten fabrics together. These snaps are made of brass which is durable, rustproof and easy to install. The colors of these snaps can be chosen to match the color of y..
0.08 USD/pcs
Our VT2 10 mm 16L / 25/64"stainless snap fastener consists of 4 parts.Cap, Socket, Stud, Eyelet.Application; With special fastening patterns; - In the hand press, - In the arm machine, - In motorized and automatic machinesis crashing.Measure;For different size..
0.08 USD/pcs
Sew-On Snap Button 15 mm 24 L 5/8" Brass Stainless (500 pcs/pkt) ERD150PR - ERD150PR - Sewing Snap Fasteners..
0.09 USD/pcs
Sew-on Snap Button 15 mm 24 L 5/8" Brass Stainless ERD150PR4 - ERD150PR4 - Sewing Snap Fasteners..
0.09 USD/pcs
11 mm 18L / 7/16" brass snap button VT2 snap fastener ERC00PR11 is a quality and durable product. These snaps allow you to easily join or separate your fabrics. It is available in a variety of colors and matches any type of clothing. These snaps are perfect for pants, jackets, shirts, skir..
0.09 USD/pcs
15 mm Snaps Fasteners 19/32" Plastic Flat 24L Brass Set Of 4 (500 Pcs/Pkt) ERCB0015PL - ERC0015PL - Brass Snap Fasteners..
0.10 USD/pcs
17 mm Snaps Fasteners 43/64" Plastic Flat 27L Brass Set Of 4 ERCB0017PL - ERC0017PL - Plastic Snap Fasteners..
0.10 USD/pcs
Sew-On Snap Button 17 mm 27 L 11/16" Brass Stainless (500 pcs/pkt) ERD170PR - ERD170PR1 - Sewing Snap Fasteners..
0.11 USD/pcs
Four Hole Strut Snap Button 17 mm 27 L 11/16" Brass Stainless ERD170PR4 - ERD170PR4 - Sewing Snap Fasteners..
0.11 USD/pcs
11,5 mm Snaps Fasteners 29/64" Curved 18L Brass Set of 4 (500 pcs/pkt) ERCB0115PR - ERCB0115PR - Curved Snaps Buttons..
0.11 USD/pcs
The 12,5 mm Plastic snap cap is plastic and the other three parts are made of brass material. The product is resistant to rust. 12,5 mm Plastic snap button helps to eliminate image distortion by remaining a cover (upper part) inside the fabrics of coats, coats, jackets, home textile p..
0.12 USD/pcs
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Our brass snap fasteners are waiting for you on our website with Wholesale and Retail Prices. Please contact us for production with a special logo and brand for your company.
The snaps we produce from brass material can be coated in many different colors, we try to produce what you need quickly. For branded production, an order of at least 5000 units is required.

Snap fasteners brass are a type of snap fasteners made of brass, a metal alloy of copper and zinc. Snap fasteners are also known as snap buttons, press studs, press fasteners, dome fasteners, poppers, or tich buttons. They are a pair of interlocking discs that can be used to fasten clothing and other items without sewing. Snap fasteners brass have a circular lip under one disc that fits into a groove on the top of the other, holding them securely until a certain amount of force is applied to separate them.

Snap fasteners brass have many advantages over other types of fasteners. Some of them are:

  • Snap fasteners brass are durable and resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. Brass is a strong and malleable metal that can withstand repeated use and exposure to moisture and air.
  • Snap fasteners brass are easy to use and install. They do not require any special tools or machines to attach them to fabric or leather. They can be set by hand using a punch and die set, or by using a snap pliers or a snap press.
  • Snap fasteners brass are versatile and customizable. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes to suit various applications and preferences. They can be round, square, star, heart, or any other shape. They can be plain, engraved, embossed, or decorated with rhinestones or pearls. They can be gold, silver, nickel, black oxide, or any other color.
  • Snap fasteners brass are suitable for many purposes and industries. They can be used for clothing, accessories, home textiles, toys, hobbies, and more. They can be used for both temporary and permanent closures. They can also be used as decorative elements or functional features.

Snap fasteners brass are easy to use and install. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • First, determine the position and number of snap fasteners you want to attach to your item. Mark the spots with a fabric pen or chalk.
  • Second, use a hole punch or an awl to make holes in the fabric or leather where you want to place the snap fasteners. The holes should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the snap prongs.
  • Third, insert the cap (the part with the prong) through the hole from the right side of the fabric or leather. Place the socket (the part with the hole) over the prong from the wrong side of the fabric or leather.
  • Fourth, use a snap pliers or a snap press to squeeze the cap and socket together until they snap into place. Make sure the cap and socket are aligned properly and securely attached.
  • Fifth, repeat the same process for the other half of the snap fastener: insert the stud (the part with the bump) through the hole from the right side of the fabric or leather, and place the eyelet (the part with the groove) over the bump from the wrong side of the fabric or leather. Squeeze them together with a snap pliers or a snap press until they snap into place.
  • Sixth, test your snap fastener by snapping and unsnapping it several times. Make sure it works smoothly and firmly.

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