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Rivets and Studs

Bag Trop Zamak 11 mm CUP0019 - CUP0019 - Rivets..
0.15 USD/pcs 0.30 USD/pcs
Keychain Trop Zamak 5 mm CUP0020 - CUP0020 - Rivets..
0.17 USD/pcs 0.32 USD/pcs
Dimensions;The diameter is 9 mm and 14 lengths (Ligne). The thickness is 4 mm...
0.18 USD/pcs
Rhinetone Metal Rivet . The product is resistant to rust . It is used in coats, shirts, jeans, trousers, shoes as well as baby and children's products. Generally, such rivets (Rivets) are also used for ornamental purposes.The rivets consist of 2 parts, the upper and lower parts...
0.22 USD/pcs
Diameter: 7mm Simple Rivet – The Rivet has been carefully designed to offer a stylish look to garments and crafts. Its plain rivets are made of solid metal and high quality metal providing maximum resistance to rust. Its solid structure ensures that it is not deformed during assembly. It ..
2.72 USD/Pack
This product contains a set of plain metal rivets with a diameter of 12 mm. This set with 250 rivets can be easily attached to fabric, leather or other materials. Plain metal rivets give your clothes, bags or accessories a stylish and modern look. These rivets are made of iran and are durable for lo..
3.35 USD/Pack
Our iron rivet can be used to rive your products stylishly and securely. Nail Length is about 11 mm and you can use it to fasten thick materials together.Material: Iron Cap Diameter: 11.2 mm Nail Length : 10.8 mm..
4.39 USD/Pack
9.5 mm stud rivets are suitable for use in materials such as leather, fabric, canvas. It is made of stainless steel material. The product material is resistant to rust.Product features:Cap: 9.5 mm The nail of the product is Aluminum Color Options: Silver - NickelUsage ..
4.40 USD/Pack 6.20 USD/Pack
These stainless steel blind rivets are an excellent choice for riveting. They have a diameter of 9 mm and a length of 14 mm. Thanks to their stainless steel structure, they are resistant to corrosion and have a long life.These rivets are suitable for assembly operations, crafts and many differen..
8.91 USD/Pack
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