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VT2 Snaps: Wallet Snaps Preferred by Modelers

These snap buttons are functional accessories made of brass material, resistant to rust, used in shirts, bodysuits, wallets, bags, baby and children's products. They can be applied on hand presses, lever machines or motorized machines with special fastening molds. They are sold in sets of 500 pi..
0.06 USD/pcs
Brass 7 mm 10L / 9/32" VT2 snap is a type of snap that is frequently used in textile products. Since it is made of brass material, it is resistant to rust. It is 7 mm in diameter and is packaged in 100 pieces.Product features:It is made of brass material. It is resistant to ru..
0.06 USD/pcs
10 mm 16L / 25/64"  Stainless Metal Snap Button (VT2) has a durable and stylish design. It can be used in various fields such as textiles, bags and shoes.Product Material:10 mm 16L / 25/64" Stainless Metal Snap Button (VT2) is made of high quality stainless steel. In this..
0.07 USD/pcs
Made from brass, this 8 mm 12L / 5/16" snap button is the perfect addition to any textile item. It offers long-lasting use with its quality structure. It is a preferred product due to its easy installation and durability.Product features: Material: Brass Diameter: 8mm ..
0.07 USD/pcs
This product is called 9mm 9 mm 14L / 23/64" brass snap button VT2 snap fastener ERC00PR09. These snap buttons are used to fasten fabrics together. These snaps are made of brass which is durable, rustproof and easy to install. The colors of these snaps can be chosen to match the color of y..
0.08 USD/pcs
Our VT2 10 mm 16L / 25/64"stainless snap fastener consists of 4 parts.Cap, Socket, Stud, Eyelet.Application; With special fastening patterns; - In the hand press, - In the arm machine, - In motorized and automatic machinesis crashing.Measure;For different size..
0.08 USD/pcs
11 mm 18L / 7/16" brass snap button VT2 snap fastener ERC00PR11 is a quality and durable product. These snaps allow you to easily join or separate your fabrics. It is available in a variety of colors and matches any type of clothing. These snaps are perfect for pants, jackets, shirts, skir..
0.09 USD/pcs
Our 10 mm 13/32" VT2 snap fastener is made of sheet material. The product is resistant to corrosion (for a certain period of time). 10mm VT2 snap buttons serve as functional accessories that enable the closing and opening of shirts, bodies, wallets, baby and child products by overlapping the tw..
3.83 USD/Gross
Our 10 mm VT2 snap is made of stainless steel. The product is resistant to rust. 10mm VT2 snap buttons serve as functional accessories that enable shirts, bodysuits, wallets, baby and children's products to be closed and opened by overlapping the two edges of the fabrics. VT2 snaps are called wa..
4.53 USD/Pack 6.33 USD/Pack
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In today's world where fashion evolves day by day, brands focus on perfect details to capture the extraordinary and attract the attention of the consumer. VT2 Snaps are just one of the wallet snaps that serve exactly this purpose and are a favorite among modelers.

Top Quality Design and Production

If you want to make your brand stand out in the industry and save your products from mediocrity, you need to take a closer look at VT2 snaps. These snaps are frequently preferred by modelers looking for high-quality designs. It combines durability and aesthetics with its structure made of brass.


The Power of Aesthetics

Details of a product play a critical role in attracting consumer attention. VT2 snaps are ideal for designers who want to add an elegant touch to their brand. These snaps add richness both functionally and aesthetically.


Profitability and Fast Sales

Brands that dominate the dynamics of the market always seek to be one step ahead in order to sell their products quickly. VT2 snaps are a detail that helps the products sell out quickly. You can choose these snaps to attract the attention of consumers and offer them an extraordinary experience.


Latest Fashion: VT2 Studs

While trends in the fashion world are changing rapidly, VT2 snaps are at the heart of this change. For those who want to get away from ordinary and stand out, these snaps are a must-have piece in their wardrobe.


Durability Made from Brass

The durability of VT2 snaps is due to their structure made of brass. It offers both aesthetic and long-lasting use. These snaps retain their first-day elegance and shine even if used for years.