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Product Purchase-Distance Contract Transactions (Steps) Opening the website You can go to and start shopping.Adding Products to Cart You can add the products you choose while shopping, by making your color and other related preferences, to your basket with the "Add to Cart" button.Going to the Shopping Cart When you add products to your cart; A message box opens with the buttons "Continue Shopping" and "Go To Cart". If you want to continue shopping; By clicking the "Continue Shopping" button, you can continue your shopping from where you left off.If you do not add another product to your cart and want to make a direct purchase, you can go to your cart by clicking the "Go to Cart" button.Changing the Shopping Cart You can change the quantity of your product, see the total amount of your product including VAT and delivery costs, or change the number of items in your basket from the item section on your cart page. If you want to change or cancel the product, it is possible to return to the previous steps (steps).Purchasing Items in Your Shopping Cart At the first stage of the basket page, you can view the products in your basket.When you click the "Buy" button, if you have not logged in before, you will be directed to the Member Login page. On the page that opens, you need to enter your e-mail address and password that you used to create your membership, and you will then be directed to the "Delivery-Invoice Address" page. If you are not a member of our website, to become a member of our website, click the "SIGN UP" option at the top of our homepage, you can access the necessary-relevant information from the Membership Procedures (Steps) in the Transaction Guide.Turkey is out of our product sales.If the cargo company that will make the delivery does not have a branch in your location, the Product must be received from another branch that we will notify.Creating the Delivery and / or Invoice Address of the Products On the "Delivery-Invoice Address" page, if you want your order to be delivered to your address, you must enter your address information and save it. In addition, you can receive the products you have purchased for the products within the scope of E-Buttons Celal Şentürk service from our store in Giyimlent İstanbul If you want the address on your invoice to be different, click the "Add New Address" button and enter the billing address.Click on the relevant boxes for the delivery address and billing address. Make sure that your invoice information and delivery information are complete and correct so that the invoice of your order can be issued correctly and there are no problems in delivery.After creating your delivery address and billing address information, you can come to the "Payment" page by clicking the "Buy" button.If you think there is an error in your delivery address or invoice address information, you can make changes by clicking the "edit" button next to the address title, or you can delete your address with the "delete" button and add a new address again with the "add new address" button.Entering Payment Information on the Site At the stage of confirming the order and before entering the payment information, the total amount you will pay, including tax and delivery costs, is on the right side of the screen. The shipping cost may vary depending on the amount of your shopping and the campaigns that exist during your shopping on the site.You can proceed to the "Order Summary" step by selecting the type of payment (credit card, pay at the door, pay pal, BKM express) you want to use in your shopping from the left side of the page and filling in the required payment information and clicking the "Purchase" button. Pay at the Door service is available at an additional cost.If you enter incorrect information during this process, you can correct it by performing the operations that will be shown on the screen. You can contact us on the phone for information entry errors you notice after the completion of the payment process.The necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions entered by you on have been taken by E-Buttons Celal Şentürk and / or the relevant payment-collection institution within the system infrastructure of, within the scope of today's technical possibilities, depending on the nature of the information and transaction. However, since the information in question is entered from your device, you are responsible for taking the necessary precautions, including those related to viruses and similar harmful applications, to protect them from being accessed by unrelated persons.Order Summary and Information-Viewing-Acceptance of the Contract and Confirming the Order and Completing the Distance Sales Before your order is completed, your order summary will be reflected on the screen so that you can check the accuracy of the data and information you entered. At this stage, before the order is completed, you can cancel your order by using the cancel button, and if you want, you can go to that stage again and make changes by clicking the desired stage of the basket from the top section.Invoice and t on the "Order Summary" page check the correctness of your delivery addresses, products and quantity in your cart, payment options and information; You must read and approve (accept) the Preliminary Information Conditions, Other Preliminary Information Conditions and the Distance Sales Contract that you will see on the screen. You can see all the texts by scrolling down the pages.In order to approve the Preliminary Notification Conditions, Other Preliminary Information Conditions and the Distance Sales Contract, you can check the check box on the right side of the "Order Summary" page and click the "Complete Order" button and you need to click on it. When you click this button, you will be in the following Order Completion stage.When you shop on our site, after your approval and acceptance, we will send your Distant Contract and Information and your order summary to your e-mail (mail) address specified in your membership information so you can always access them by saving and storing them on your device. The "format" of your contract will be kept in the systems of our Company for a maximum of three years and within the framework of the relevant laws. After the sale is completed, you will not be able to access the distance sales contract with your information entered on our website.At this stage and on the page, there is also the information that the price and costs of the Product (s) you have ordered and shown on the page will be collected by the payment method you choose.It is possible to correct the errors that may occur while entering your payment information by performing the operations shown on the screen.Order and Payment CompletionWhen you enter your information for payment correctly and click the Complete Order button as stated above, if the payment-collection process is completed in the system (does not mean that the payment at the door is actually done, etc.), you will see a page stating that your order has been completed. This page contains your order number. (As stated above, the information about your order and its confirmation is sent to your e-mail address along with the distance contract notifications-contract).When you click the "Complete Order" button; Bank / related institution or E-Buttons Celal Şentürk Customer Representative may need to contact you from a phone number and / or e-mail address registered in their system in order to receive a separate confirmation for your order. If the registered contact information cannot be accessed, your order can be canceled for security purposes (even if a confirmation message has been sent). Bank etc. to your order. for approval by the payment-collection agency; Your personal contact information registered in your bank / institution and on our site must be updated.In this way, the process of reaching the customer and obtaining approval is a transaction that can be performed exceptionally and when deemed necessary by E-Buttons Celal Şentürk or the relevant bank / institution, it is not possible to apply this procedure before every payment-collection transaction, and E-Buttons Celal Şentürk and related banks / institutions have no responsibility due to the fact that it is not applied. does not undertake.After the completion of the payment process, you can contact E-Buttons Celal Şentürk +905305204009 for the information entry lines you have noticed.Correction of Errors in General The technical steps and steps related to the purchase of the goods / services ("Products / Products") from our site by our valued member-customer (including those made through the application on your mobile device) and thus making the order-Contract, as well as your information entries The technical tools for identifying and correcting the errors during the process are specified by giving you the opportunity to take action in line with the warning messages you see on the relevant pages (stages) of your shopping, as well as the process steps so far. If there is an error in the entry of information (data) about your order, it can be corrected by correcting the relevant warning message, which you can see on the screen at some stages according to its nature, and it is possible to correct the errors that may occur while entering your payment information in the same way. After the completion of the payment process, you can contact E-Buttons Celal Şentürk +905305204009 for the information entry lines you have noticed.