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Contoured Eyelet: For a Different Look

Contoured Eyelet 23/64" Brass 9.3 mm is a durable and stylish metal accessory used in tarpaulins, curtains, tents and textile products. Made of brass material, this eyelet is resistant to rust and moisture. Offered in different color options, this eyelet gives a suitable look to your proje..
0.05 USD/pcs
29/64" Brass 11,5 mm Prepaid Curved Eyelet (500 Pcs/Pack) ERB0026PRKON - ERB0026PRKON - Brass Eyelets..
0.08 USD/pcs
15/32" Brass 12 mm Prepaid Curved Eyelet (500 Pcs/Pack) ERB0027PRKON - ERB0027PRKON - Brass Eyelets..
0.12 USD/pcs
37/64" Brass 14.7 mm Prepaid Curved Eyelet (500 Pcs/Pack) ERB0030PRKON - ERB0030PRKON - Brass Eyelets..
0.17 USD/pcs
1 ³/32" Brass 27.7 mm Prepaid Curved Eyelet (500 Pcs/Pack) ERB0034PRKON - ERB0034PRKON - Brass Eyelets..
0.31 USD/pcs
5/16" Brass Curved Eyelet 8 mm Contoured (500 Pcs/Pack) ERB0005PRKON - ERB0005PRKON - Brass Eyelets..
16.70 USD/Pack
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Eyelet is a widely used accessory in textile and leather products. Eyelets are used to join two pieces of fabric or leather. Traditional eyelet models have a flat surface. Contoured eyelet is a type of eyelet with an edge profile on its outer surface. This edge profile gives the eyelet a more stylish and modern look.

Contoured eyelets can be produced from a variety of materials. The most commonly used materials are brass, stainless steel and plastic. Contoured eyelets can also be produced in a variety of shapes. The most commonly used shapes are round, square and oval.

Usage areas:

Contoured eyelets can be used in a variety of areas. The most common areas of use are:

  • Textile products: It is used in clothes such as jeans, shirts, jackets and coats.
  • Leather products: Used in products such as bags, shoes and belts.
  • Accessories: Used in accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


Contoured eyelets have some advantages over traditional eyelet models. These advantages are:

  • It has a more stylish and modern appearance.
  • It has a different design.
  • It has a more durable structure.

Contoured eyelets are an ideal option for those who want a different look. Contoured eyelets give textile and leather products a more stylish and modern look.