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Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO

Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO
Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO
Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO
Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO

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Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO

The product is a first quality coat zipper and is sold in packages of 5 pieces.
Only stock black and white colors are offered in the options. Please contact us for stock control of different color orders and customer-specific color orders.


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Molded Plastic Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper 55 cm #5 21,66" Separated ZPK0055T5PROMO


PlasticMolded Plastik - Chunky Plastic Zips
Product Shape
SliderCombi Slider
Product TypeSeparated - Open End Zipper
Zipper No#5
Dimensions55 cm / 21,66"
Color PullerSame Color
Color TeethSame Color
Color TapeSame Color
Kinds of Selling
Zipper TypeMolded Plastik Zipper - Chunky Plastic Zips
Usage Area
Most Frequently Used AreaMolded Plastic Jacket Zipper is available .

Choosing the Right Snap Button

Molded PlastikZippers are durable and lightweight – the perfect choice for outdoor, sports and casual wear. These jacket zippers are suitable for use on jackets, parkas, coats, vests, sweatshirts, sportswear and more. Replace an old jacket zipper or install a new one with a flexible molded plastic zipper, available in a wide range of colors to match your chosen fabric colour.

Other Molded Zippers Types in Our Store



#6 Chunky Jacket Zips are standard size jacket zippers ideal for a wide variety of garments. There is a 1 mm thread size difference between #5 and #6. They are ideal for use on most jackets, vests, parkas or hoodies. Versatile mid-weight separation zippers available in a variety of lengths and colors. Choose from one-way, two-way and reversible styles on Separate (open-end) and With Stops (closed-end) zippers.



#9 Molded Jacket Zippers are our heaviest jacket zipper, ideal for outdoor gear or particularly heavy material jackets. Heavy duty divider jacket zippers are available in a variety of lengths and colors. Choose from one-way, two-way and reversible styles. There is a 1 mm teeth size difference between #9 and #10.

Corn Teeth Molded Zippers

Corn Teeth Molded Zippers

There is a difference in teeth shape between corn molded zippers and standard teeth molded zippers. The teeth of standard toothed chunky zips are more oval and chess pawn shaped. The teeth of the corn molded zipper are more like corn cobs, or in market parlance, they resemble crocodile teeth.

This type of chunky zipr is sold on our website as #6 and #9, just like the standard teeth molded zippers. There is a 1 mm thread difference between #5 and #10 types. In our country, #6 and #9 are generally produced.

Metal Imitation Molded Zippers

Metal Imitation Molded Zippers

Metal Imitation Molded Zippers are a type of zipper that imitates the teeth of metal zippers in appearance. Their external appearance resembles metal teeth zippers. The general purpose of use is to lighten the product. As it is known, metal zippers are at a disadvantage in some products in terms of weight; as the length of the zipper increases, its weight increases. Lightness becomes an advantage in metal imamitation chunky zips.
This zipper number has #5 and #10 zipper types. Additionally, coated models are also available to reinforce the metal look. You can review or purchase this product range on our website by pressing the button below.


One of the most important characteristics of a zipper is the material of the zipper teeth—whether Molded Plastic, Nylon Coil, or Metal, each material of zipper teeth has its own advantages and ideal uses. Molded Plastic materials is flexible and lightweight. Nylon Coil is very flexible and durable because of the “coiled” tooth design, allowing it to withstand more horizontal strain. Metal is very durable and eye-catching with many options (aluminum, antique brass, antique nickel, black oxide, brass, gunmetal, and nickel). Best for straight seams as they are not as flexible, and less suited to horizontal stress.

Chunky Plastic Jacket Zipper 20 cm #5 7,90" Close End ZPK0020T5 - ZPK0020T5 - Jacket Zippers..
0.28 USD/pcs
Chunky Plastic Jacket Zipper 16 cm #5 6,30" Close End ZPK0016T5 - ZPK0020T5 - Molded Plastic..
0.26 USD/pcs
Chunky Plastic Jacket Zipper 14 cm #5 5,51" Close End ZPK0014T5 - ZPK0014T5 - Molded Plastic..
0.25 USD/pcs
Chunky Plastic Jacket Zipper 12 cm #5 4,70" Close End ZPK0012T5 - ZPK0012T5 - Molded Plastic..
0.28 USD/pcs
Chunky Plastic Jacket Zipper 18 cm #5 7,10" Close End ZPK0020T5 - ZPK0020T5 - Molded Plastic..
0.27 USD/pcs


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