Snap fasteners are small but functional accessories that combine safety and aesthetics in the clothing industry. These practical products, which are commonly used in both baby clothing and adult fashion, are available in two different models: punched and capped. Also known as prong snap fasteners, they are specifically designed in various sizes and materials for different applications. Our products, available in brass and stainless steel options, are nickel-free and subjected to various tests to ensure the highest level of customer safety. In this blog post, we will delve into the features, applications, and reasons why snap fasteners are so popular.


Branded prong snap fasteners


Detailed Review with Size Chart

Sizes and Models Snap fasteners are produced in various sizes starting from 8.5 mm, and include sizes such as 9.5 mm and 10.5 mm. Larger sizes are also available and can be customized according to need. The size chart will be prepared to clearly show the details of each model and their suitable applications.


Material Options

Our products are made from high-quality brass and stainless steel materials, both of which offer superior durability and aesthetic appearance. Additionally, galvanic plating or painting processes can be applied upon customer request, making our products suitable for all kinds of fashion and usage needs.



The applications of snap fasteners are diverse and varied. In this section, we will take a closer look at the various uses of these fasteners in the clothing industry and why these applications are so popular.


Branded snap fasteners


Baby and Children's Clothing

Snap fasteners are frequently chosen in baby and children's clothing for their safety and ease of use. Their nickel-free composition does not cause allergic reactions and their suitability for children's health has been proven by tests. These fasteners are commonly used in baby onesies, baby dresses, and generally in baby clothes.

  • 8.5 mm Fasteners: Ideal for thinner fabrics, they provide ease of use in lightweight garments. 9.5 mm and 10.5 mm Fasteners: Slightly larger and more durable, they are suitable for trousers and outerwear made from thick fabrics. Adult Clothing and Other Textile Products Snap fasteners are also effectively used in adult clothing. Particularly, 10.5 mm fasteners are preferred in denim shirts, aprons, blouses, and shirts. Additionally, their use in many textile products and accessories demonstrates the versatility of snap fasteners.
  • Denim and Heavy Fabrics: For applications requiring durability, snap fasteners provide an excellent connection. Lightweight Garments and Accessories: Capped models offer an aesthetic look while punched models provide a more minimalist design. Special Applications Custom processes can be applied according to customer needs. Galvanic plating and painting processes add extra protection and aesthetic value to the fasteners. These processes make the fasteners more resistant to rust, thereby ensuring a long-lasting use.

Galvanic Plating: A protective and decorative coating is added to the surface of the metal.

Painted Fasteners: Color options make the fasteners compatible with garments.