What is Grommet? : It is the name given to the nailed eyelet type.

Nail eyelets are hole reinforcing tools that can be made from a variety of materials including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel. At E-Dugme.com we sell the highest quality normal eyelets and tab eyelets for different types of clothing. Nail Eyelets / Grommets function as support structures for the hole (buttonhole) of fabrics on the bird, they surround the hole and prevent the fabric from tearing and deforming, extending the life of the holes on the fabric.

Differences Between Eyelets and Grommets

Inner diameter

Both normal straight eyelets and straight nail eyelets are available in different sizes for their inner diameters and are sold on our e-commerce site. Typically, if they have the same measurement, they are not the same in size. For example, if the flat tab eyelets / washers have the same number (No) as the normal capsule / eyelet, the inside diameter of the tab eyelet will be significantly smaller.

Eyelet and Washer Removal/Installation

When it comes to eyelet pattern, both kinds of eyelets have their own unique set of patterns. Otherwise, they will not fit properly. The die set for the tab eyelet cannot be used on a regular eyelet and vice versa. Also, regular eyelets are easy to install even with a simple hole cutter. On the contrary, because tab eyelets/washers are made of heavier metal, they usually require more force and effort to install.

Eyelet Application Areas

Regular eyelets/capsules are standards-based models that perform best in general or light-duty applications. On the other hand, nail eyelets have serrated edges, which eliminates the need to pre-drill a hole in the fabric to insert the eyelet. However, regular eyelets are not recommended for use on thick fabrics or multi-layered materials. Finally,

  • Normal Eyelets: While they work best for basic or stationary uses,
  • Tab Eyelets: Ideal for demanding settings where the fabric experiences a lot of movement, such as in the marine environment.

To summarize, E-dugme.com sells high quality normal eyelets and nail eyelets, eyelets of different sizes and types, which can be used in a wide range of products. Although both of these products have their own differences, they still serve the function of reinforcing the fabric holes.

Image Source: sailrite.com